Manheim inspection services

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John Minshall
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Manheim inspection services

Post by John Minshall » Thu Jun 14, 2018 6:19 pm

Hi All,
Just wondering if anyone has had dealings with these people. I recently had to hand back a C4 cactus that was at the end of its three year lease contract. I had kept it in good condition, no dents scratches etc even got brand new tyres but Citreon had subcontracted this company to inspect the vehicle and found £460 damage to the car. Most of that was for a new windscreen as they said that it was 'delaminated'. The windscreen in question was a replacement from autoglass and was about 6 months old or less. I was totally unprepared for this bill as I have had lease cars before and never had to pay for any damage, either real or imagined. The 'damage' on the car was very light wear and tear from 3 years of careful driving. I even kept it well within the 24000 mileage. The inspector even said to me 'its not really de-laminated but thats what I have to write on the report' There was a small patch of discoloration on one corner of the glass which he said was where autoglass hadn't properly sealed it. I am currently in discussion with citreon finance about this but wondered if any one else had a similar experience.

Many thanks,
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Re: Manheim inspection services

Post by JohnB » Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:23 pm

Hi John, looks like I had the opposite experience to you... I returned a Peugeot 108 in April after a three year contract and was dreading the visit by Manheim as one of my offspring, although they would 'never smoke in the car', managed to get a cigarette burn on the drivers seat. There was also a subtle crease in one of the back doors, probably caused by a careless parker, and one of the front alloys was kerbed. The one thing I didn't notice which they also picked up was a scuff on the front bumper which was the most expensive repair. I was preparing myself for a big bill but the total for this lot came to £230. The guy said he had expected the crease to cost more, but the software on his tablet made the decision. Could you make a claim against Autoglass? Cheers, John
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