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Post by 4Boys » Sat May 21, 2022 8:33 pm

Read a post a while back regards someone wanting to fit a side seat armrest to a used C3 Aircross instead of a centre armrest which fits between the front seats. From what I remember the answer was unless you ordered the side seat armrest when ordering the car new, this wasn’t possible.
What I did was ordered a new Armster OE1 RIGHT HAND SIDE side seat armrest for 2018 Ford Focus, it comes supplied with all the fittings..
The only things you need to do is cut off the 2 small lugs that are attached to the main bracket supplied with the armrest, then open up the back of the seat, pull away the foam padding to access the side of the seat, you’ll find the metal seat frame already has holes supplied for fitting side seat armrest as does the foam surrounding it. Now first you’ll have to enlarge the main hole that allows the bracket to fit through to inside of seat, offer up the bracket mark the 2 small holes for bolts, drill them through fit bracket on again then bolt them up. Refit seat cover back up then the rest is easy if you follow the instructions supplied with the kit.. The armrest also comes with fitment which allows you to wire it up and charge your mobile phone.
I added pictures to show new side seat armrest fitt
Before I fitted my new side seat Armster OE1 armrest I removed my Armster2 armrest which cost £95 a year ago, if anyone is interested in purchasing it for £50 please let me know. Added pictures of Armster2 armrest for sale











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