Maps update version?

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Maps update version?

Post by ChrisC3A » Mon Mar 23, 2020 8:07 am

I’ve got the MyCitroen app and I am sure the maps were updated every 3months, not that I’ve ever updated them 🤣
Now I’m sure the last version I saw and I actually downloaded and was going to do it was V16.... now my app is only showing V15 with a date of Aug 2018.
The app was showing touch screen updates which I’ve done and now unsure to use the V16 or download the V15 first 🥴
What does everyone else’s app show for maps?

C3Aircross by the way 😉
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Re: Maps update version?

Post by Korber » Mon Mar 23, 2020 10:19 am

V16 is the latest map version.
MyCitroen has a bug, sometimes showing the previous version as the most current, a few days after the latest version has been released. Happens with the firmware also.
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