My car won’t play YouTube videos/music anymore

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My car won’t play YouTube videos/music anymore

Post by hardus77 » Thu May 16, 2019 9:33 am

Hello everyone,

Ok so here’s the thing, I own a C3 from 2009 second hand and it’s virtually new. There’s an aux cord and a USB port to plug your phone from and so far the usb plug has been working well. (I have an iPhone 8 so there’s no jack cable anymore so I just use my charger on the usb thingy) However, as soon as I plugged my phone in Apple Music would start playing automatically. I don’t use it since I barely have any music on it and stick to YouTube (I had Deezer on before but couldn’t afford subscription anymore) there was only the U2 album that had been put in automatically on there. I decided to just delete the album, no offense Bono, but it was just so annoying to have the song switch to U2 every time I plugged it or paused the song. Problem is: now the music won’t play AT ALL! The cable is definitely working because my phone charges when I plug it, the video plays but there’s just no sound coming out from the car or my phone. I can see the little hourglass thingy as if it’s loading but nothing happens. Has anyone had this issue before? How did you fix it? :)

Thank you!

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Re: My car won’t play YouTube videos/music anymore

Post by Jay R » Fri May 17, 2019 11:46 am

Not sure you'll find much help here. This is a C3 Aircross forum. Different car running different software.
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