Brochure Inaccurate

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Brochure Inaccurate

Post by shimano » Tue Oct 20, 2020 8:39 am

I was sat in the dealers showroom about to sign for a C5 Flair Plus when the salesman mentioned the auto tailgate is the main benefit on the plus so i questioned the sunroof, no he says this is no longer included and it is £990 if you want it, i pointed out that i had only the day before received the brochure from Citroen which clearly shows it as standard fitment and his reply was simply that the brochure is wrong, fine if you know this but i was about to sign for a trim level as advertised and would have been very angry when the new car arrived with no sunroof, had i not remarked upon this i doubt it would have been pointed out when ordering

he then went on to say that sat nav and the Citroen cam were also now options on the Flair ( but he also told me the Flair has LED headlamps ) and i would like to ask if anyone has anyone has any definite info on whether this is the case, i declined to order at that point until i found out for sure about these items on the Flair as i am inclined to go for this rather than the Plus now as the sunroof is no longer standard fitment

i have asked Citroen customer service if they could clarify this for me but no reply.

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Re: Brochure Inaccurate

Post by mbirch » Wed Oct 21, 2020 3:06 pm

I had a similar thing before I ordered my Flair Plus 18 months ago. I was trying to find out about heated seats. I asked a couple of local dealers and the Citroen on line help, but they all said this was not an option. By doing some more digging around, I eventually discovered if you went for the Nappa leather upgrade you get the heated seats. I have also had a couple of questions for the on line help and all they do is send you a copy of the handbook! Not too impressed, but I like the car. 50,000 miles done and still enjoying it.

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Re: Brochure Inaccurate

Post by JohnM52 » Thu Oct 22, 2020 9:12 am

I wonder which area you are buying in - No UK C5 Aircross has LED Headlamps, simply not available. Spare wheel I think is another chargeable extra
It is useful to configure your chosen spec online - this gives you a guide to what is included and what is chargeable and is where I found out that the Glass Roof, Camera and satnav were now options, keep the brochure to hand. It is also interesting to configure the same spec on the Citroen.Fr site to see what we in UK get but is optional in France.
After I was initially sold a misnamed Flair+ by the dealer, we went over the next correctly labelled car with the brochure and required the salesman to identify every feature which I was reading from the brochure.
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Re: Brochure Inaccurate

Post by Mothy » Thu Oct 22, 2020 3:06 pm

The last lines of the brochure state:-
However the company reserves the right, whilst preserving the essential characteristics of the models described, to introduce at any time modifications, changes of details, equipment or accessories. Every effort will be made to bring this brochure up to date, but in order to avoid any misunderstanding please consult your Dealer.
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