Hybrid, Sport, but no Electric mode

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Post by sproaty » Thu Dec 16, 2021 2:04 pm

Hi All,
Just new to this forum, so this topic might be in the wrong place, accept my apologies if this is so, was formally Toyota member of Toyota Forum.
Anyhow to the point, Hybrid, Sport modes go into their modes ok from the switch central console.
Try to go Electric mode, then a error message comes up, not possible Ambient temperature will not allow, words to that effect.
Yes most people will say its a plug in Hybrid, so Hybrid is the way it should operate, which it does, and I plug in every day, to 80 percent charge.
I have tested Under the bonnet battery, and Battery in the boot, both show 12 v charge, so batteries seem fine, traction battery charges as it should.
I have heard their are battery heaters installed on this car in the boot, there are modules with fins on them, could that be the issue.
Its not really that cold here yet, but it will be soon, January.
Love the car but this annoying part makes me think is it the way these are, or is it me being paraniod.
Thirty grand car, and it does not do everything it should.
After browsing through the Forum, it looks like this is a common issue with this model, and looks like it has not been rectified by anyone.
Any info at all would be appreciated, as this taints the buying of this car.


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