Another Citroen (C5 Aircross ) Fan

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Another Citroen (C5 Aircross ) Fan

Post by BusybeasC5A » Fri May 28, 2021 9:51 pm

Evening all,

Now on our 6th Citroen based motor.

Just p/ex'd our 1.6 blue hdi DS4 EAT6 for something a little larger and newer, a 69 plate C5 Aircross 1.5 blue hdi Flair Plus, in Platinum Grey.

As I have just retired, I wanted something, much more comfortable , quiet and smoother.. This IS IT ! :D
Did all my homework, ( and a lot of visits to this very Aircross forum ) and a test drive sealed my bank balance fate..

After 46 years of working, its our best car ever !

Had it for two weeks now, and absolutely delighted with its performance, comfort and features.
It's now a pleasure to drive again, even getting stuck in traffic is fine, cos I am sitting in comfort LOL.
Very different to the older DS4.
The EAT 8 auto gearbox is fantastic in comparison to the older EAT 6.

The only things I would have liked is the, grip control, nappa leather and black wheels and roof... alas its ex Citroen managers car, so 2nd hand and it comes as is.. but still love it !

First thing I did was sort out the MY Citroen App, and it alerted me to the Sat Nav Live Traffic facility, so now got 3 years of that free and a touch scree update.
Downloading to the laptop was easy, though took forever, we have a fast BB connection but Citroens server was pitifully slow..
Why on earth, the user can't select the required maps before uploading to a memory stick is ( in my view bonkers).
Installing both updates to the car was easy enough but took around 40 mins, but likely because I deselected all the other maps except for UK.
Oddly it removed the entire Euro database that came with the car too.. I had thought it would just update the UK maps.. but clearly not.
Anyway, with just UK maps , it loads quicker and the live traffic facility works rather well.

Personally, I think the subscription method is the new modern rip off with most of today's tech... I refuse to pay for speed cameras ( even with their 3 year special offer) .
Just my personal view...

The Apps appear to be very hit and miss... the camera one is a pain in the *** ..
Am I correct in that the camera will record automatically without the wretched app being connected?
Can I just connect my laptop to view images ?

Next up, a new C5 Aircross boot mat, with an extra bumper cover... cool that is.. sort of anti slip in the boot too.

Today I fitted some genuine PSA wind deflectors... What a challenge that was !
Now sorted.. even though the little tool was missing from the sealed package, I will upload pics soon.

Other than getting some C5 Rubber mats, there really is nothing I can add to the car..

Already added 400 miles to the clock, and enjoyed every one of them !

Look forward to being a member of the Aircross Forum !



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2020 C5 Aircross 130HDi EAT 8 Flair Plus in Platinum Grey

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Re: Another Citroen (C5 Aircross ) Fan

Post by Beanee687 » Fri May 28, 2021 11:54 pm

Welcome looks great.
Yes the connected records all the time ignition is ON in 2min iirc segments. You don't need the app just download the recording direct to a laptop using the mini USB port on the passenger side if the camera. Its much quicker than to phone.
For me the Mycitroen App works, but doesn't always give the GPS start and end locations.
The Scan my Citroen app works well for quick reference guide.
No ConnectedCAM on C3 Aircross.
Android auto I don't use as I have Nav built in.

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Re: Another Citroen (C5 Aircross ) Fan

Post by mikeb » Sat May 29, 2021 10:15 am

You can switch the Connected Cam off - see age 134 in the handbook; ... _en-GB.pdf

Hoe this helps.
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