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Post by Tripods » Tue Mar 29, 2022 7:46 pm

I posted some time ago about the reduction in mileage when charging, steadily over the winter months the range has fallen at its lowest point it was 11 miles, despite several calls to the dealer and the dealer looking at it twice, they told me it was in the hands of engineering and there was at current no fix basically it is what it is. I live in the real world and not expecting 34 miles range particularly over the winter but a third less than advertised is ridiculous you wouldn’t advertise a car doing 60 mpg and it only doing 20 and get away with it. So I had several suggestions from the dealer to reset the drive cycle, I was told to drive in hybrid mode only and need to have a journey of over 50 miles to reset so over the last few weeks I’ve had round trips of over 200 miles so this should be more than ample to reset the system still the range at best was 12 miles. Charging the vehicle in a warmer area, precondition the system then charge the battery none of which made any difference. So after trying all there suggestions and nothing working I decided that I would do a 50 mile + journey then recharge the battery then drive as far as I could in electric only mode I then recharged the battery and found it went to 14 miles range drive again on electric only actually drove nearly 17 miles before engine cut in I recharged again went to 18 miles I have just recharged again the range is now reading 22 miles. Just out of curiosity would anyone else having battery range issues try this and report back on your findings. Sorry for long winded post but I thought some background information would be useful

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