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Faults and Technical chat for the Citroen Aircross
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Post by poppypicanto » Thu Jul 28, 2022 11:10 am

well - my update is this.

Got in the car and wouldn't a drain on the battery.

Rescue came out and flippantly just said " needs a battery mate".......he got me started......went to Halfords ( nice lad ) for a new battery fitted BUT wouldn't start still !!!
.....put OLD battery back on, but still wouldn't start ( sat outside Halfords annoyed).....called rescue ( again )

....15 mins later before rescue arrived to my location and I tried to start car and FINE ( started up like a dream ) !!!! ( what on earth )

So, cancelled rescue call number 2 and drove the car straight to Citroen and dumped the car on them for a week.

Citroen called and said that a fault in the auto lights sensor was the reason for the auto lights on off on off in hot bright days, so they have replaced the light sensor in the dashboard under my extended warranty.

Could answer as to why the bl**dy car wouldn't start ( bizarrely ) and said diagnostics shows no fault codes, .......only to say " we've started in 6 times here at the garage and no problem; and we therefore can not replicate the problem"

Put it all down to the auto-lights sensor basically disabling the entire car !!!

Honestly, in discussion with my partner over whether to trade in for another make and releasing the money to buy something different.

I like Citroen, but I'm really not keen on the number on:

1) number of rescue call to date
2) weird electrical gremlins which disable the car from actually being driven/started

I pick up the car in 3 hours watch this space :-)

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Post by Daveg » Sun Jul 31, 2022 10:14 am

RE car not starting after battery being disconnected.
I suggest that it is not a fault that the the car will not start immediately after the battery has been disconnected/ reconnected. It is that it is being prevented to by the immobiliser. If a certain sequence of actions are not carried out before the battery is disconnected then the immobiliser will prevent the vehicle being restarted for a defined period of time.
Apologies but I cannot recall the exact details but perhaps our subscriber Juan Sheet if he sees this post may be able to provide details.
Regards Dave

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Juan Sheet
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Post by Juan Sheet » Sun Jul 31, 2022 10:41 am

Yes, you just need to reinitialise the fobs.

For non-hands-free starting, switch ignition off, then insert the key and turn to ignition on, then press the lock button on the fob for about 3-4 seconds, switch off the ignition, then remove the key in that order.

For hands free starting vehicles. just place the fob against the hands free key reader on the left of the steering column, then whilst doing this, ensure gearbox is in neutral (manual) or Park (Auto), depress clutch and start vehicle. Repeat for the spare fob if necessary.

Procedures are in the manual.
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Post by poppypicanto » Wed Aug 03, 2022 12:45 pm

Thanks Juan and thanks Dave.
I think your definitely right there as I felt it was more a case of the immobiliser stopping the car from starting,
So far it's been okay on start up, but I want to keep my eye on it.

In terms of the auto lights flashing off and on in hot weather; this has now stopped with the new sensor being fitted the other week.
Which is positive.

The only small small gremlin I now have is that the 'door open' picture, which should appear on the middle 7inch screen, only appears if I turn auto lights off and on again.
Bit strange that one. - but I can live with that going forwards.
It's not a deal-breaker, but just weird.

Thanks again.

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